Frequently Asked Questions

The Funeral Industry in the UK has been set in its ways for decades. As times and information technology has changed and more and more people are now taking closer control of planning a Funeral.

Our aim is to give you the choice of saving a significant proportion of the Cost of the Funeral – without any added stress or hassle. Choose, Order & Pay and we will do the rest. You can then let your chosen Funeral Director assist with all the other elements involved content in the knowledge that you have saved 100’s of pounds.

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How does it work?

We keep it simple. We need a few basic details such as the height & general build of the deceased. Make your choice of Coffin and give us the details of the Undertaker you have chosen to handle the arrangements. If you have not chosen one or are unsure of who to contact, please see contact us and we will advise. We need to make sure that there is sufficient time before the funeral service date to ensure we can deliver in good time but usually this is between 7 & 14 days of death. Once you have chosen and made payment, you will receive email confirmation immediately and a receipt. When we receive your order, our warehouse is immediately notified & will process the order.

Why should I consider buying a Coffin from anyone other than a Funeral Director?

Because most Funeral directors puts a frankly outrageous mark up on them! The COFFINS WE SUPPLY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME STANDARD AND QUALITY as the ones that they would offer you at up to 70% more than we charge. Undertakers throughout the UK use the same Suppliers as we do.

What will the attitude of the Funeral Director be if they are not supplying the Coffin?

It is likely that they may be discouraging and reluctant and in some cases dismissive initially. Being frank, they stand to lose a proportion of their fee if they don’t also supply a coffin. However, bear in mind that they provide other essential services as part of the arrangements and will still be charging you for these. They will not refuse to help you.

We are happy to liaise with your chosen funeral director concerning the third party supply of the Coffin although you may chose to do so yourself. If you consent and request us to do so, we can also contact a reputable Undertaker local to you on your behalf and have them contact you about the other funeral arrangements and services they will take care of.

How long does it take from order to delivery?

We will deliver within 72 hours (3 working days) of you placing your order for a Standard size. However, in our experience delivery can be as soon as 24 hours following payment.

Doesn’t an Undertaker measure the deceased, how do I know I am ordering the correct sized Coffin?

Yes, although an Undertaker will measure, as our Coffins are available in Standard sizes, all you need to give us is the approximate height and build of the deceased. This will be perfectly sufficient to ensure you order will be correct.

What if I do make a mistake with ordering the correct size?

If in the event we delivered a coffin which is incorrectly sized, we would be notified immediately by the Undertaker and be able to resend the correct size within 48 hours.

Disclaimer: Our terms & Conditions make it the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure they have ordered a suitably sized coffin. If in the event you made a mistake and the Coffin has been delivered, we would charge you a return carriage fee before resending the replacement. (See terms & conditions).

What if I order then change my mind?

If you have placed an order and paid but the Coffin has not been either dispatched or in transit, we would cancel the order and refund payment.

If you change your mind and the Coffin has been delivered or is in transit, we will still accept the cancellation but you will be charged a return carriage fee of £70. Therefore we will refund you your payment in full minus the return carriage.

Why are there only a small number off Coffins to choose from on the site?

We did extensive market research into people’s buying habits and learnt that the four Coffins we sell are the most requested Coffins in the UK. 72% of Funerals in the UK are Cremations. So we keep it simple – Our savings are your savings!